Mtre Félix Rochon


Mtre Félix Rochon joined the VOIZARD VOIZARD Notaires s.e.n.c.r.l. team in February 2019.  With more than seven years experience as a notary in a major notarial study of the North Shore and five years of experience as a lawyer in the field of civil and commercial litigation Mr. Rochon was admitted to the Quebec Chambre des Notaires in February 2012.

He continues a long family tradition by becoming the representative of a fourth consecutive generation to practice as a notary in the Laurentians. Mr. Rochon particularly enjoys the practice of real estate law and commercial law. His astute mind and ability to draft contracts reflecting the intent of the parties make him a sought-after and knowledgeable professional.

He stands out for his community involvement as much in various social clubs as in the municipal elections acting as legal counsel and official agent for some candidates. He is also an outstanding leader in the organization of various team sports in which he participates with vigor and enthusiasm.

Finally he is a trainer with various legal and real estate groups who have given several training courses to lawyers, notaries, legal advisers and real estate brokers.