Voizard, Voizard, notaries

Voizard, Voizard, notaries was founded in 1950 by Mtre Alain VOIZARD. At that time, Alain Voizard was working alone between Sainte-Adèle and Montréal. Very involved in his community, Alain Voizard became one of the founding members of the Caisse populaire of Sainte-Adèle in 1953.

In 1974, the elder son of Alain, Mtre André D. VOIZARD, joins the study to establish Voizard Voizard, notaries. They create the first local title attorney office active full time in Sainte-Adèle.

After more than 30 years of practice, Alain Voizard passed away in 1987, leaving a solidly established notarial study.

In 1997, the office moved to its current location to consolidate his unwavering presence in Sainte-Adèle.

In 2007, a third-generation made its entry into the study. Mtre Sébastien VOIZARD, the elder son of André, a graduate of the University of Ottawa, became a partner in the study and an active member of Sainte-Adèle's community.

Finally in 2011, Mtre Malaika Sagesse-LUMBU joined in the study to further diversify its range of expertise. 

Depositary of the registries of the notaries Alain Voizard and André Vallée, and Jean-Charles Luc, Voizard Voizard notaries have over 60,000 minutes involving both individual and commercial clients mostly present in the territory of the Pays-d’en-Haut RCM.

Since 2000 the office has been a part of the Réseau notarial plus, a network of studies of title attorneys throughout Québec with the objective to pool the knowledge and skills of notaries in specialized legal services. The network is a partner of the network of Cooperative funeral homes of Québec.

Since 1950, with Voizard, Voizard notaries, the pursuit of excellence is dedicated to its clients.